Client Testimonials

See what clients are saying about their Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions and Guided Quantum Energy Healing sessions.

Quantum Healing Session

I had a BQH session with Heather a couple weeks ago. She sends out very helpful information prior to the session so you can assimilate yourself to the process through guided meditation, visualization and intentional imagination. I was concerned that I might fall asleep during the session, but she reassured me that had never happened. I was also worried that my dogs might cause problems. Her energy is so soothing and so supportive, it was very easy to relax into the session and let the process unfold. Unfortunately, I have deep repressed trauma that I wasn't yet ready to deal with, so after a few brief glimpses into different lifetimes, we moved on to the chakras and energy healing. This was amazing!!! My guides were able to clarify any resistances I had, and release much of my trauma. I didn't fall asleep, nor were my dogs an issue! I will be contacting Heather again (and again) as necessary to continue releasing negative energy when it surfaces, and I will be referring all of my friends to her for their own healing.

Thanks so much Heather!!!

Guided Healing Session

I loved my Guided Healing Session with Heather! She created a safe place and was such a wonderful guide to help me access my own inner wisdom. I could feel the energy moving and even had some really neat visual experiences. I felt calm and joyful afterwards!

Thank you, Heather!

Surrogate Healing Session for My Mother

When my mother was in the hospital (34 days total), Heather suggested that a surrogate BQH session may be a good option for healing because my mum was very weak and slightly out of it from the pain/medication so she wouldn't have been a great candidate to go under hypnosis herself. Essentially, the BQH session was conducted just as any other session except the focus was on connecting with my mother's higher self and guides. It was a great session in which I easily connected to her guides and was able to focus on each area of her body, psyche, and chakras that needed healing. We even uncovered some of her past lives so that we could better understand why she has been experiencing physical and emotional pain in this lifetime. Within 24 hours, I could really tell that my mother turned a corner and started to improve. Once visitation opened back up for the hospital, I came in person a couple of days later to do a chakra balancing/clearing. Between these two healings, my mother was able to leave the hospital the next week. I am so grateful for Heather's guidance through this process and conducting this amazing surrogate session. I highly recommend this if you have a loved one who is in need of healing but is unable to be present for a hypnosis session for any reason. 

An all-encompassing adventure for the mind and spirit

Since the passing of one of the closest people to me, and an experience I had in the week after his death, I began to be fascinated by ethereal planes and other realms of consciousness. However, I had enough skepticism and worldly doubt to keep me from exploring. I wanted to be open to an experience to help me see beyond myself. I had NO idea what to expect from my time with Heather. I can't even describe the journey I went on. I had insight from unexpected family members who have passed on and I recognize them to be my guides. I wasn't sure how I would feel after leaving our session. The moment something in my life happens, I recall or rather FEEL the light and guidance come over me and have been able to put what I learned into practice. I am not only calmer about some things I have been aggressive about but I step back with breath and approach each situation differently. I also find I accept what is happening differently and more positively. I could go on and on but I will just say, this was the most healing time for me and I highly recommend Heather. She is very soothing and I feel she helped me going deeper and deeper. You will not be disappointed. She is also very understanding of where you are in your life and knows we are all different as far as our experiences. She helps guide you through everything with ease.

Profound Healing Session

I have never done anything like this before. This was indeed a unique healing experience. I have had similar sessions like this in the past, but nothing this powerful. Heather has the sweetest voice and I felt very safe with her. She was very thorough with what I needed for the session which I appreciated. I really enjoyed visiting my past lives. When it came to the healing part of the session, it was the most beautiful experience I've ever had! I released so much! My digestive system and my knees feel so much better since I worked with Heather. I have had digestive issues and knee pain off and on for years and I've never felt this good. She is an amazing healer! I look forward to another session in the future.

Thank you Heather!

BQH Session

I had my first BQH session with Heather and it was very enlightening. I was not sure what I would experience and not even sure anything would happen. But Heather has a great soothing voice and it easily put me at ease and I immediately was able to relax. It was a great session with lots of insight and I felt like weight had been lifted and I felt the healing and warmth happen. Heather is a very special person and very passionate about what she does and really wants to help everybody.

What an experience!

This was my first BQH session and Wow!! Heather is an amazing guide. Her voice and demeanor were so soothing, I had no trouble slipping into a conscious hypnotic state and learning about a past life experience that was truly eye-opening in so many ways. During our session, I was able to connect to my higher self and gained some much-needed healing and guidance.

I am grateful for this experience and definitely see another session with Heather in my future. I’m hooked!!

Restoring our Divine DNA

Heather has a very kind and easy way about her that makes you feel right at home and be able to relax right away. She led me through my session seamlessly, giving me time to integrate and the freedom to explore when I needed to.

Inspiring and healing session

I truly appreciated my session with Heather. Although we had never met, she was warm and supportive and talking to her felt like I was talking to a friend I'd known for ages.

In the session, she was able to guide me to a past life I had seen before and her questions allowed my Higher Self to explain the feelings of the experience and how it relates to something I am currently trying to release in this life. The communication with my Guides offered insight into clear actions I can take today to help manifest a vision of the future that will help in service to others.

Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit and for sharing your energy, Heather!

Amazing experience

I recently had my first BQH session with Heather, and it was such a profound, intense experience. She is such a gentle guide and I felt very safe and supported throughout my session. I was able to release some traumatic experiences, gain insight into struggles, and speak with my Higher Self for even more guidance. I highly recommend working with her on your spiritual journey!

BQH Session

My session was beautiful! Heather's voice was soothing and comforting knowing that I was in great hands! I received messages from my spirit team with words of wisdom and confirmation to questions I had for the session. I received healing from healing guides that I needed at the time. I'm so grateful! Thank you Heather.

Met My Guides, Explored a Starseed Past Life, and Received a Healing

Heather was wonderful to work with! Her pre-session questionnaire and interview really helped to determine which questions I really wanted answered so that the session could be successful. I wanted to connect to my guides, to heal my endometriosis/infertility, and to remember my priestess knowledge.

Heather's demeanor put me at ease, and I had no problem slipping into a conscious hypnotic state. I immediately connected with my guides, one of which guided me through several powerful healing steps that my body needs. I also received a healing from my biological scientist healing guide, Nimbus, during this session.

I was also excited to learn about a past life, although I didn't realize that it was a past life at first as it seemed very futuristic. But, it was a past starseed life! I already knew that I had been a priestess in ancient Sumeria, but through this session, I learned that my ancient Sumerian priestess learned her knowledge from a previous life as a priestess on another planet! Not only was that fascinating to learn, but I am bringing this past life priestess knowledge forward to teach others in this lifetime.

I am so grateful for this experience, and I highly recommend Heather for quantum healing.

BQH Session

I had my first BQH session a few days ago with Heather and for anyone thinking of booking a session with her, don’t hesitate!

Heather is a professional in all aspects and has such a warm, caring approach that makes you instantly feel comfortable, and that anything is possible.

As a left-brainer, I imagine I was not the easiest client, but she is such a strong facilitator, always patient, giving encouragement where needed and she seemed to just know intuitively what to say and at the right time, to enable me to retrieve the messages within each scene.

The healing was so powerful, Heather guided my Higher self and each part of my body was worked on. I could feel the heat and the energy as the healing took place and my body let go of so much karmic and childhood trauma.

It was truly an amazing session, for which I will always be thankful.

BQH Session

Thank you Heather for my first ever BQH session. I felt nervous that I may not be able to properly sink into the session since I didn't know what to expect for my first time, but Heathers energy and voice was very beautiful and I felt comfortable with her to sink into the session.

She guided me into a past or future life where I was able to learn about my life purpose which turns out to be parallel to a life that I visited. I went to a purple world where I worked with plants and had a small family with whom I lived off-grid with. There was a sacred tree location where I would go to receive information and connect. Seeing this alone answered one of my questions for the session which was how can I better connect to plant spirits? I realized my desire to connect with plants and work with them is strong because it comes from more than this life alone.

After exploring the subconscious for a while, Heather connected me to my Higher Self to have my questions answered. The answers came through and they gave me really clear and supportive affirmations. I felt the answers I knew deep down, and that a session like this really supported me in bringing them to the surface and with my own voice, so to be perceived in a very coherent way.

We ended the session with a body scan and Heather guided me to locate any negative energy in the body and for what was discovered she guided me to see its release.

The whole session flowed very naturally and I left with more connection and understanding. I would highly recommend a session with Heather!

Clarity through time travel

I consulted Heather to get clarity about some issues I have been experiencing in my life. Heather welcomed me warmly and was able to guide me through the whole process of the BQH session very well, never losing focus and stamina. She has a very nice voice that makes you feelcomfortable immediatelyand relaxation comes easy. During the hypnosis part I had an amazing journey on another planet and through the experience there, I received valid information about my current life and how it can be improved. I can highly recommend having a session with Heather for everyone who wants to explore his/her consciousness and find answers and healing forhis/her current life.

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