How to protect your energy and strengthen you auric field

Strengthen Your Auric Field and Ground Your Energy

In this short but powerful guided meditation, you will learn how to ground your energy to the earth and to source and pull powerful healing energy into the body so that you can strengthen your auric field and protect your energy.

I will teach you one of my methods of grounding your energy and protecting your auric field to keep low-frequency energies and entities from interfering with your physical and energetic bodies.

Ground and protect your energy daily

You can start off by doing this method as a meditation, and when you feel confident with the process, you can do it more quickly anytime during the day that you want to ground and strengthen the protective energy around you.

Click on the video below to learn how to strengthen your auric field and ground your energy.  This quick meditation is around 10 minutes and will help you learn how you can wrap your aura in light daily so you can protect your physical body and your energetic field from unwanted energies.

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No time to watch the video? Follow along with the written version below.

Strengthen your auric field and ground your energy

Begin by taking a deep breath in, allowing the breath to fill up the lungs. And then letting the breath fall gently out of the mouth.

Take another deep breath in, pausing at the top of the breath for just a moment, and then gently breathing out all of the air out of the mouth.

Take one more deep breath in,  breathing all the air gently out of the mouth.

This method of deep breathing is allowing your energy to come into balance and alignment.

You can practice deep breathing anytime you feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed to assist you in shifting and releasing these energies that may become trapped within the body.

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Connect your energy to Gaia

Begin by connecting your energy to the earth. You can do this by visualizing a cord of light that extends from your root chakra and push it deep into the center of the earth.

You can also visualize roots growing from the bottom of your feet, moving deeper and deeper into the planet and connecting into the core of Gaia.


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As long as your intention is to connect and anchor your energy to the center of the earth, it doesn’t matter what visualization you choose to use.

And as you are now connected to the earth, using the breath, you can begin to visualize pulling the earth’s energy up through the cord of light, and into your body.

Or you can imagine pulling the energy up through the roots of your feet, and allowing the energy to flow up through your body, and into the chakras.

So Continue to breathe in, and pull the energy up from the earth for as long as you’d like.

Connect your energy to the sun and to source

Now that you are connected deep within the earth, Imagine another cord of light that extends from your head, all the way into the sky.

You can visualize pushing that cord through the center of the sun, and then extending it even further, all the way to source or to God or to the energy that created all that is.

Visualize anchoring your light into that source.

On the next breath in, begin to pull energy down from source and from the sun, all the way down your cord of light, allowing the light energy to enter your body at the crown and then pulling the energy even further all the way down the center of your body.

As you bring the energy into your body, visualize it moving throughout your body and connecting with the earth’s energy.

Your energy is now connected and anchored to the earth, the sun, and to source, and your energy is now coming into balance and alignment.

Expand the energy out into your auric field

Now that you have all this beautiful, powerful, healing energy running through your physical body, you want to take that energy and expand it out around your body, increasing the energetic protection of your auric field.

You can visualize your aura as a sphere of light that extends a few feet past your physical body.

This field of energy helps to protect you from low-frequency energy, entities, and low vibrations.

When your aura is weakened or is not whole, these lower frequency energies can interfere with your physical body and your energetic field.

Strengthen and protect your energy and aura daily

Having a daily practice of strengthening your aura is important because you are constantly in contact with these low-frequency energies, so you want to make sure to keep your energetic field nice and bright so that you and your energy are safe and protected.

Visualize pushing out or expanding the energy that you just pulled into your body, out into the auric field around you.


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You can imagine the energy pushing out through the heart, almost like a waterfall of energy that is flowing from your heart and into your auric field filling up the sphere with bright, powerful protective energy.

Or you can simply imagine yourself glowing with all of this beautiful, powerful energy, and the brighter you get, the stronger and brighter your aura becomes.

Keeping in mind that the way you visualize pushing and expanding the energy out of your body and into your auric field is not as important as the intention behind it.

So as you expand that energy out, I want you to visualize the sphere of light around your body is so bright and white and you are completely enclosed within it.

You can even visualize the cords of light still extended from the top and bottom of the sphere, keeping your energy anchored and connected.

You are now fully grounded and your energy is strong and protected

You have now grounded your energy and placed a powerful, protective white light around your body, and strengthened your auric field.

You can do this process anytime you choose throughout the day as needed.

And as you become more comfortable with this method, you will be able to anchor your energy and strengthen your aura in only a few short minutes.

Feel free to modify this meditation in any way you feel guided.


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