Simple Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm

Simple Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm

Overcome the Overwhelm…

This morning I woke up and did all the right things. All the things they say you need to do to have a successful day.

I woke up early, spent some time meditating and trying to clear out all the clutter in my mind. I got on the treadmill did 30 minutes of exercise because it’s good for the body and the brain, right?

I grabbed a shower, got the kids off to school, started a load of laundry, the dishes are washing, and the house is relatively clean, and all before 8 am.

All the major distractions have been checked off my list, which leaves me plenty of time to accomplish a crazy amount of work, yet here I sit with my head in my hands, feeling completely overwhelmed which is preventing me from doing anything at all.

And you know what happens next, you let that negative self-talk start to seep in. The doubt, the worry, all the things that keep us completely rooted where we are and unable to take the next step forward.

It sucks!

I live for the days where I feel productive and accomplished. There is nothing better than when a new idea pops in my head and I’m able to follow through with it.

You feel that way too?

Nothing makes us feel better than when we feel we’re checking things off and taking care of business.

But we also have to deal with those in-between days. The ones where we don’t get as much accomplished as we would like to. The ones where we feel completely stressed out and overwhelmed, because, well, they are just part of life.

But it’s how we deal with these days that can really make or break us.

Today, as I sit here and feel the weight of needing to accomplish EVERYTHING, I realize that the more I worry about what I’m not getting done, the less that will continue to get done.

So instead of feeling frustrated, I thought I’d pull together a list of ways to get past the feeling of overwhelm with some useful tips that can help us all.

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Here are 4 tips to help you deal with feeling stressed and overwhelmed

1. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little bit of grace

Do you know who causes the most stress and worry in your life? It’s you!

Yep, we create entire worlds of stress and overwhelm that we live in daily. We worry about things that haven’t happened, and we focus on what may or may not go wrong. We keep ourselves stressed out over things we have no control over and things that most likely will never come to pass.

And add all that on top of all the things we think we must accomplish every day, and it’s no wonder we struggle so much.

I’m a doer (is that even a word). An “I need to get everything done and done now” kinda gal. But I’ve come to realize that trying to get it all done and sometimes in an unreasonable amount of time, only causes me to feel more stress and worry. And that leads to less getting done because I’m too busy stressing and worrying. You too?

It’s been a process, and sometimes a slow one, but as I learn more about how to handle stressful situations in life, I realize that I can’t control everything, and I can’t do it all. And you know what, that is totally ok.

Who says we have to do it all and be perfect at it? Well, if you are anything like me, you probably need to realize that it comes from you.

We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than anyone else does. And often, that means we beat ourselves up when we are not meeting our own high standards.

The first step in getting past feeling so overwhelmed is to give yourself some grace. Repeat after me . . . It is OK to feel overwhelmed, it is OK to feel stressed, it is Ok NOT to get everything done every single day. You are exactly where you need to be at this moment, and even though it may not be where you want to be, it’s where you should be.

So learn to be ok when you have those feelings and know that they will pass.

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2. Learn to appreciate the overwhelm

You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you? 😉

I get it; I don’t like to feel this way either. I’m a high energy person that thrives on feeling happy and staying motivated. I’m obsessed with self-help type books and motivational podcasts which help me to live the best possible life.

But no matter how much I learn about how to do it all the right way, sometimes I just get stuck.

You know that feeling, everything is going great, you have amazing ideas for growing your blog or business, you’re learning all the things, you feel unstoppable, and then WHAM . . . Smacked in the head yet again by Mr. Overwhelm himself.

And we’re stuck. What to do first? What to do next? What to do at all?

Have you ever thought to simply stop an appreciate the fact that you have so much to be overwhelmed with?

I’m working on a few intensive training courses that are very overwhelming, but I’m so thankful I have access to them and the ability to learn something new.

I have a million ideas for my business and pages upon pages of notes for things I want to do. And of course, I want them all done yesterday, and that causes me stress, feeling like I’m behind, but in all honesty, I’m so grateful that I have tons of ideas written down for me to work through. It’s so much better than a blank page staring back at me.

And let’s not forget all the non-business things that overwhelm us, all the housework, the kids, the grocery’s, the never-ending list of things to do. But I’m thankful that I have those things. I appreciate all that I have in my life, and when you learn to shift the way you look at all and find ways to appreciate what causes you the most overwhelm, your mind begins to find ways to help you figure it all out.

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3. Ask for guidance to help you figure it all out

Ok, let’s get spiritual for a minute.

I know there are many different belief systems out there, and I’m definitely not here to tell you what you should believe in. I think that is a journey that each person should take on their own.

But I can tell you from tons of experience, that whether you believe in God, the Universe, Spirit, the source, or anything along those lines, if you believe in anything, you should simply try asking for the guidance you need to help you overcome feelings of overwhelm.

Maybe that’s through prayer, maybe it’s through journaling, and maybe it’s through having a conversation next time you are in the car.

Ask for the help you need, for the clarity to help you get back on track. And then sit back and trust that the answer will come to you. It may not be the answer you wanted, but I promise you it will be the answer you need.

The more you learn to ask and trust, the more aware you will become in being able to recognize the answers you need.

4. Just let some of it go

This is a tough one for us Type A’s. We can do it ALL, can’t we?


We think we can do it all, and we try to do it all, but that just wears us down, and we end up missing out on what’s important in life because we are just too busy doing.

When I started working full time from home, I realized that I started my day focused on things that could wait. I spent time working on the house instead of working on my business. I was focused on the wrong things. Because my Type A personality was telling me I needed to get the housework done first.

But this kind of thinking threw me off track for the day, and I realized I needed a significant mindset shift. So I began to tell myself that things could wait. Laundry piled up? It can wait. Dishes in the sink. They can wait. Floors need to be vacuumed? No really, I promise they can wait.

Does that mean that it’s ok to let things go entirely, of course not, but learning to let go of things that don’t have to be done right that second so you can focus on more important things, really does help to remove that feeling of overwhelm because we have so much to do.

Ask for help

It really is ok to let go of some things that keep you in that overwhelmed state of mind. And if it bothers you, it’s ok to ask for help too.

Feeling overwhelmed is normal and will always be a part of your life

When we begin to tell ourselves that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed and that the stressful feeling that comes with it will pass, we can begin to shift our mindset around what makes us feel so overwhelmed and ways to deal with it.

Take a moment to breathe and know that everything will work out just as it should.

What are your best tips?

How do you deal with feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? What are some tips you can share that help you to stop feeling overwhelmed? I’d be honored if you would leave a comment below and let me know!

Simple Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm


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