How to raise your vibration and shift your frequency

How to raise your vibration and shift your frequency

If you are reading this post, then you are probably searching for easy ways you can raise your vibration and shift your frequency. But what exactly does that mean?

You are an energetic being. You are made up of energy that vibrates at a certain speed. The speed at which your energy is vibrating refers to the frequency of your vibration.

As a human being, you are vibrating in a certain frequency range. Your frequency and vibration are determined by your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Lower emotions such as anger, hatred, sadness, jealousy, and other such emotions will keep your vibrational frequency low. Higher emotions such as joy, happiness, gratitude, and bliss will keep your vibration and frequency high.

The thoughts you think and the emotions you feel are what dictate where your frequency and vibration will fall on the scale.

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How does your vibration affect others?

We are all connected energetically and your energy and vibration can have a direct effect on those around you.

Ever walk into a room where someone is in a bad mood and you can feel the negative energy? On the other hand, when you are around people that are joyful and happy, their energy is contagious and you can’t help but feel good.

When you are around another person, your energy connects to theirs, and depending on your frequency, they can be negatively or positively affected by your energy.

In knowing this, you have the ability to affect others with your high vibrational positive energy if you so choose.

What happens when you raise your vibration?

That’s easy! You feel better. Your day flows much more smoothly. You are in complete alignment with the life you desire most. Everything just seems to fall perfectly into place.

The more you can work to raise your frequency and vibration, the better you will begin to feel. And as a bonus, your high-frequency energy has a direct effect on those around you. So the more you work to raise your vibration, the easier it will be for others to raise theirs.

Focus only on raising your frequency and vibration

When I first began to wake up, I learned automatic writing. This is where you center yourself, go into a bit of a meditative state, set the intention to connect to your higher guidance, then allow the information to flow through you as you type or write it out.

This is one method of connecting to your spirit guides and your higher self and a great way to bring forward any messages and information your spirit guides have for you.

When I would write in this way, I would often ask what it was I was supposed to be doing? When you start to wake up, you feel a strong desire to try and wake others up, to have them see things the way you are beginning to see them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

We are all on our own individual journeys and each person is waking up in their own divine time.

The guides would always repeat the same thing to me. They told me it wasn’t important for me to try to wake anyone else up. My words were not important, but my frequency was so important.

They shared with me that as we shift into higher states of consciousness as a collective, the most important thing I could do each and every day was to work on myself and raise my vibration.

The guides spoke to me about how powerful a high-frequency being can be in helping to shirt the energy of others. They said it wasn’t so much about sharing what I know or what I was learning, it was more important that I keep my energy high and continue working on ways to raise my frequency. That would have the greatest effect on those around me.

So you if are looking for simple ways to raise your frequency and vibration, here is a list of easy ways you can begin to shift your energy and keep your vibe high.

How to raise your vibration and shift your frequency

Get out in the sun

The sun not only helps our bodies to create vitamin D which is an important vitamin that helps us to feel good but it is also a light source for the body.

Just like plants, our physical bodies need sunlight. It helps us to feel happy and positive and it is also an easy way to bring more energy and light into the body.

When sitting in the sun, visualize or imagine the light from the sun encompassing your body. See it strengthening your auric field and making it stronger and brighter. Imagine the sunlight seeping into every pore of your body and then allow the light to move throughout your body.

This will assist you in raising your vibration even higher as you allow the light of the sun to work with your physical form and your energetic field.

Dance and play music

Music can help you shift your frequency and raise your vibration in a flash. When you are feeling low, turn on your favorite music and shake it, baby, shake it!

Dance and play music to raise your vibration

Dancing is a great way to move energy through the body and can help you to release any trapped or stuck energy. Moving the body is a great way to clear out some of those blockages that can happen when we are feeling low energy, so crank up your favorite tunes and dance like nobody’s watching.

You will feel better in no time.

Meditate with light energy

When I work with clients in Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions and my guided energy healing sessions Guided Quantum Healing Sessions, we connect with their spirit guides and higher self to work on clearing out blocked energy in the body and bringing in powerful healing energy to help them raise their frequency and move forward in creating their best life.

Working with light is a powerful way to shift the energy in the body.

This is something you can do anytime you feel called.

Simply close your eyes and quiet your mind, then visualize an opening at the top of your crown chakra, and allow any color of healing light energy to enter the crown and flow all the way down to the tips of your toes.

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You can set the intention for the energy to focus on a specific area of the body, or you can allow the energy to flow where it needs to go. There is no right or wrong way to work with light healing.

If you need a little help to get you started, I have a few guided meditations you can check out. If you want to dive even deeper into your own inner healing, sign up for a Beyond Quantum Energy Healing Hypnosis session. It is an amazing experience and one that will shift your life into a higher vibration.

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Go for a walk in nature

This is one of my most favorite ways to raise my frequency and vibration. Nature holds such a high frequency and just like I mentioned above, your energy is connected to all things.

So when you are out walking through the trees or anywhere outdoors, you are connecting with the energy of the plants and trees around you.

This is an easy and instant way to increase your vibration. It’s also a wonderful way to clear your mind so you can receive stronger messages from your spirit guides and your higher self.

Spend time with your favorite pet

Like nature, animals come standard with a high frequency. They are not weighed down by all the problems of the world and they are here to love us unconditionally and keep us company.

I’ve had a few BQH sessions where the guides suggested bringing a pet into the home to help shift the frequency and the energy of the home and those who lived there. A pet’s high-frequency energy can help you to keep your vibration high and help you feel better instantly.

Clear and balance your Chakras

Chakras are major energy centers that run through the center of your body along your spine. When energy is blocked in one of your chakras, it can cause you to be majorly off your game. You can read more about chakras here to understand what each chakra is responsible for and how it can affect you.

One easy way to keep your chakras balanced and aligned is to work with a guided chakra meditation on a regular basis. There are many amazing meditations on YouTube you can find to help you with chakra work. I created a chakra healing and balancing guided meditation that I will link for you below.

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If you feel like a guided meditation is not working, you can try an energy healing session or a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session that will allow you to work with your team of light to make sure your chakras are clear, balanced, and aligned.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

This is a no-brainer for sure!

We all know how important it is to eat right and keep our bodies full of good healthy energy. But did you know that when you eat fruits and vegetables you are also bringing more light into the body which helps to increase your vibration and frequency?

Anything that is grown in the sun will absorb the sun and contain more light within. As you choose to eat more fruits and vegetables, you are bringing high-frequency light energy into the body which helps to raise your vibration even more.

Program your water

Did you know that water can be programmed with positive thoughts and intentions? It can!

Water has consciousness and can be programmed with high-frequency words that you can drink in and allow to flow through your physical form.

Program your water with high frequency thoughts and emotions

Simply hold a glass of water in your hands and speak high-frequency words into the water. Set the intention to receive all of the positivity you are placing in the water, then drink and enjoy.

It’s a quick and easy way to bring high-vibe energy into the body.

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Exercise or do yoga

Just like dancing, exercise and any form of stretching will help you to move trapped and stagnant energy through the body so it can be easily released.

When you have low-frequency thoughts and emotions that don’t get processed and released in the way that they should, that energy becomes trapped in your body and can cause issues, illnesses, and dis-ease.

When you exercise, stretch, or do some form of yoga, you are helping that trapped energy to move through and release from the body which is an instant vibration boost and will help you to feel better.

Practice yoga to raise your vibration

Get an energy healing session to clear your energy

When you hold emotion in the body and don’t allow it to release, the energy builds up and can cause all sorts of issues in your life. If you are not actively working to go within and release that energy, it can continue to build up causing more issues over time.

And here’s the kicker, some of those issues you are dealing with may not even be from this life. You have incarnated in different lifetimes many, many times. Some of those lifetimes have been particularly challenging and left an energetic imprint on your soul. That energy can show up in this lifetime and have a negative effect on your current life.

In a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, we can take a deeper look at all of the challenges and issues you may be experiencing and find where the problem began so we can release that energy and heal it once and for all.

After a session, you will feel lighter, full of energy, and ready to conquer your life in new and exciting ways.

Do something you would have done when you were a child

The guides would say that one of the best ways to raise your frequency and vibration is to live life as a child would. Well maybe not all the time, but you need to kick off your shoes every now and then, be silly and have fun.

We get so bogged down by responsibilities that we forget to live our lives to the fullest. Do something you enjoyed as a child and allow all that positive, high-frequency energy that you create while allowing yourself to play like kids do to saturate your soul.

Give yourself permission to be a kid again, even if it’s only for a moment.

Surround yourself with high vibrational crystals

Crystals are a wonderful way to surround yourself with high-frequency energy. There are so many amazing crystals that hold high-frequency energy and they will work with your energy field to help you shift into higher states of vibration.

Surround yourself with high frequency crystals

You can place crystals around your home, your workspace, keep them by your bed, place them next to your wi-fi to absorb negative energy, or wear them to keep your vibe high and your energy field strong and protected.

You can program your crystals with specific intentions by holding them in your hand and letting them know how you would like them to help you.

Just like water, crystals have a consciousness all their own and they are happy to assist you in any way they can.

Use high vibrational essential oils

Essential oils are another amazing way to boost your vibration. Essential oils each have their own frequency and when applied to the body or diffused in the air, they can assist you in shifting your mood so that you can feel your very best.

Rose oil holds one the highest frequency of all essential oils, as does Idaho Blue Spruce which may be a little higher than Rose oil. Other high-frequency essential oils you may want to try are Helichrysum, Frankincense, and lavender to name a few.

Essential oils not only give your energy a boost, but they smell nice too.

Declutter your space

If your home or office is full of junk, it can pull your energy down and keep your frequency low. Things are also made of energy and have a frequency just like us. When you have a lot of clutter around you, you are interacting with all the energy of all the things.

Take some time and start to declutter your space and remove some of the energy that you no longer need. Living and working in a clean space will make you feel better and will help keep your energy in balance.

Stay focused on the present moment

Do you find yourself getting stuck in negative looping thoughts? Maybe you keep thinking about things that happened in the past which causes you to project worries and what if’s into the future.

Allowing your mind to wander into the past or worry about the future will keep you spinning in the wrong direction. To stop those negative looping thoughts and break unproductive thought patterns, do your best to stay focused on the present moment.

Shift your attention back to what is happing in this now moment.

When I started working on breaking my negative thought patterns, I used gratitude to help me stay focused on the now moment.

When those negative spiraling thoughts begin to creep in, look around your space and find things to be grateful for. It can be anything at all. It’s not necessarily about the feeling of gratitude as much as it is about stopping the thoughts and retraining your brain not to get stuck in a thought loop.

However, if you can also create the feeling of gratitude by thinking about things you really love and are grateful for, you will have a much easier time shifting your frequency and vibration into a much higher state of being.

Work on your frequency and vibration every day

There are so many simple ways you can keep your vibe high and feel good each and every day. Find what works for you and be sure to incorporate it into your life on a regular basis to create a habit that stays with you always.

Be sure to share your favorite tips below that you use to raise your vibration and keep your frequency high.



How to raise your vibration and shift your frequency


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