How to get in vibrational alignment with your manifestations

How to manifest by aligning vibrationally to what you want


In this post I’m sharing some tips to help you learn how to manifest the things you want in your life by getting in vibrational alignment.


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I’ve loved learning about the Law of Attraction for many years, since I first discovered the concept with the book The Secret. I thought, how amazing that people are saying they are able to attract amazing things into their life only by using their minds.

I bought both the book and the movie, and set out on my own journey of trying to manifest. However, they make it look so much easier in the book.

I’m sure over the years, I’ve manifested many things into my life. And I’m definitely sure I’ve manifested plenty that I didn’t want in my life.

You see, that’s the power of manifesting. We are all master manifestors and we are all manifesting every single day. We manifest both good things and not so great things in our lives. And this happens based on what we focus the most of our attention on.

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How we manifest by default

You are a creator being, with the power to create worlds. I know, I said “yea right” too when I first learned that.  Hard to think we’ve lived on earth for this long and we have so much power within, yet we have no clue how to use it.

But it’s true, you, and I, we are masters at manifesting. And we’ve been manifesting every day by default. So what does that mean exactly?

What you focus on you create more of

It means that where you focus your attention, what you think about the most, is what you are manifesting more of into your life.

When you get stuck in thoughts about things and situations that you don’t like, things that cause you pain, thinking about the past, worried about the future, you are giving those things your energy. That energy is like fuel, and the more fuel you pour onto the things you don’t like, the bigger they seem to get.

And why is that exactly?

When you think a thought, especially a powerful one, it creates emotion in your body. That emotion holds a vibrational frequency. It’s the frequency that you are holding which aligns you to the things you attract into your life.

Like attracts like

The Law of Attraction states that Like Attracts Like. So think of your vibrational frequency as what aligns to other people, places, events and situations that are also on or around that same frequency. You attract things that match up with where you are vibrationally.

So if you feel like you are always repeating the same situations or attracting the same types of people in your life, it may be time to look at ways you can change your frequency so you can begin to attract something new.

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How to manifest what you really want

Getting into the right vibrational alignment is not hard, it just requires you to start doing things differently than you are doing them now. It means that if you spend most of your day focused on all the things you don’t like about your life, then you’ll need to become aware of your thought patterns and start shifting them away from thinking about what you don’t want.

If you attract things based on where you are in alignment to them vibrationally, and emotion creates that vibration, then you will need to really learn how to become aware of what you think about and try to keep your thoughts focused on the things you do want in your life.

Focus on your now moment

One way to do this is to do your best to stay focused on the present moment.

You may find your thoughts wandering to events that happened in the past. You know, the ones that you can’t change. Or you may get stuck on worrying about the future, all the “what if this happens” type of scenarios we create in our mind that causes fear and anxiety.

Both will keep you stuck in a low vibration which will keep you manifesting more of the same. Tell yourself the past is behind you, and you are strong enough to handle anything that may come your way in the future. Stay focused on what is happening in your now moment, that is where you have the most control.

The more you learn how to bring your thoughts back to the present through your awareness, the easier it becomes to remove your focus and alignment from low vibrational things in your life.

Next time you find yourself getting stuck, remember these tips:

  • Stop fueling things that you don’t want in your life by constantly thinking and talking about them.
  • Stop thinking about the past and worrying about the future, stay focused on the present now moment.
  • Visualize what you want in your life and live as if you already have it.
  • Create the emotions you would feel if you had all of your manifestations. This creates a higher vibrational frequency within you which will begin to align you with higher vibrational things.
  • Let go of all limiting beliefs. You are worthy of all great things. Everyone is!

Want to hear a little more about how to manifest from my perspective? Check out the video below where I share more information about how to get into perfect alignment with what you want to manifest in your life.

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Watch the video


You are a master manifestor

If you can grasp the basics of manifesting, by understanding that you have so much control over what you draw into your reality, you can begin to manifest more of what you really want and less of what you don’t. Your mind is so powerful and your thoughts create frequency through your emotions. If you can learn how to get control of your thoughts and emotions, then you should be able to manifest the perfect life!

I hope you found this information helpful. I’d love to know your best tips for manifesting amazing things in your life. Let me know in the comments below.

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