Guided Meditation for Forgiveness and Letting Go

Guided Meditation for Forgiveness and Letting Go

In this guided meditation, you will work with your spirit guides and your team of light to assist you in the process of forgiveness and letting go of anything you may be holding onto that is no longer serving you. You will release any heavy, dense energies that may be trapped within the body that you’ve been holding from an experience where someone you love may have hurt you.

By releasing that energy, the healing process can begin. Your team of light will bring in powerful, healing energy that will radiate throughout your body. You will work with the frequency of forgiveness to let go of any heavy emotions which may be trapped within the body.

Are you holding on to anger, pain or sadness?

When you have a difficult experience with someone you are close to and you are unable to release those emotions in a healthy way, the unresolved energy of that experience can remain trapped in the body which can cause various issues throughout your life. These issues can lead to illness and dis-ease when left alone.

In this guided meditation, you will work with your spirit guides to assist you in locating any heavy energies that you are holding in the body that are centered around the need to forgive and let go of any experiences that have been difficult for you with others.

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Release low-frequency energies and transform them into love with forgiveness

As you work through the body to locate and release these low-frequency energies, your guides will assist you in bringing a powerful healing energy into the body to transform any remaining energies into love and light.

You will also work with the frequency of forgiveness and infuse that energy into the physical body and your energetic field.

Whether you need to work on forgiveness or not, this meditation is a powerful way to release trapped energy and work with your guides to bring in the healing you need.




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