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Quantum Energy
Healing Sessions

Quantum Healing Session with your Team of Light

The healing that can take place during a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Hypnosis session is incredibly powerful and one of the best reasons to have a session. I created a shorter version of my traditional Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions for the purpose of focusing on the healing work that is included with every BQH session.

A guided quantum energy healing session is done with the same techniques used in a traditional BQH session but shortened and customized perfectly for this healing journey with your spirit guides and higher self. 

This session is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the healing part of a BQH session but is not ready to commit to having a full session. This session is a great way for you to experience a mini hypnosis session and may help you to decide to have a more personalized Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Hypnosis session at a later time.

What you can expect during the guided healing session

We will start your healing journey with a brief intro video so you can learn more about what to expect during the session. You will get into a comfortable position and we will begin with breathing and relaxing the body, followed by a short induction where we invite your guides to join us on this amazing healing journey.

This is not a full hypnosis session but uses the same techniques used in a traditional Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. You will feel nice and relaxed which allows the guides to easily work with your energy.

During the energy healing session we will work through the following areas:

  • Chakra healing, clearing, and activations.
  • DNA activation to activate dormant strands of DNA.
  • Flooding the body and cells full of healing light energy.
  • Strengthen & repair your auric field.
  • Release past life connections that are having an effect on your current life.
  • Release any soul contracts that are no longer serving you in this life.
  • Heal and release trauma from this lifetime and past lifetimes.
  • Body Scan to focus on specific areas of your body where you need healing.


At the end of the session, I will give you some time to ask your guides a healing or health-related question or any other question you would like to ask. When you are connected to your guides while in a state of relaxation, it is easier to receive the answers to your questions and get the guidance you need.

We will finish the session by asking your guides for any final messages or important information they wish to share with you. Think of this as a mini BQH session.

* Headphones or earbuds recommended for the best experience.

What is a guided Quantum Energy Healing Session

2 ways to experience this session

You can purchase the session by itself or get it with the Quantum Healing Toolkit for a complete Healing package.

Quantum Healing Toolkit

The Quantum Healing Toolkit comes with a copy of my energy healing session and a collection of printable journal pages, cheatsheets, and trackers to help you document your healing journey and your spiritual growth.


Quantum Energy Healing Session

Choose this option if you only want a copy of the Quantum Energy Healing Session.  You will receive a short intro video to prepare you for the session and a full hour-long energy healing session you can do at home anytime you want.


Client Experience

I loved my Guided Healing Session with Heather! She created a safe place and was such a wonderful guide to help me access my own inner wisdom. I could feel the energy moving and even had some really neat visual experiences. I felt calm and joyful afterward!

Thank you, Heather!

Find out when new sessions are available

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Quantum Hypnosis Sessions Focused on Healing

In the following Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Hypnosis sessions, we work with the guides to bring healing energy to my clients. These sessions will give you an idea of the power of working directly with your team of guides to bring in the powerful healing energy you need. In a group healing session, you won't need to speak or give any information about what you are experiencing. You will simply sit back and relax as I guide your healing journey and we connect with your guides and higher self to bring in powerful healing energy to your physical and energetic bodies.

Client Experience

"I have never done anything like this before. This was indeed a unique healing experience. I have had similar sessions like this in the past, but nothing this powerful. Heather has the sweetest voice and I felt very safe with her. She was very thorough with what I needed for the session which I appreciated. I really enjoyed visiting my past lives. When it came to the healing part of the session, it was the most beautiful experience I've ever had! I released so much! My digestive system and my knees feel so much better since I worked with Heather. I have had digestive issues and knee pain off and on for years and I've never felt this good. She is an amazing healer! I look forward to another session in the future.

Thank you Heather!"

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